“I have had to bring my kids (2 yr old husky & 6 yr old cat) here a few times unfortunately. Tonight was probably the quickest we’ve ever gotten in and out & we also had the best service. Saw the Vet within 15 minutes of walking through the door & was leaving before I knew it. They were very honest with me about what needed to be done as a priority & didn’t try to keep me from going to my normal vet for the recommended procedure. I will always go back to see them when in need. Laska & Noel thank you!!”

– Noel B, Facebook

“I have used this clinic many times and the staff has always been friendly and caring. Yes it is more expensive than your regular vet. Yes they want the money up front or else many wouldn’t pay. It’s all spelled out for you as soon as you arrive.They give you a list of recommended treatments and you can choose which ones your pet will receive. All their diagnosis have been spot on and my regular vet has continued with follow-on treatments that were started by the After Hour Hospital.”

– Michael, Google

“I’ve been here twice, with 2 different dogs, Different doctors, and different problems. I don’t recall the vet’s name I saw the first time, but she was great. She diagnosed the issues and was very considerate and compassionate regarding what we could afford to do to keep our pet pain free and treat him.

Last night, I saw Dr. Nilz. He and the staff, Sam, Devin, and Jeremy, were very nice. I had spoken to our regular vet before going in and knew she would see my dog in the morning as well as tell me what to expect at the ER. Dr. Nilz was consistent with that and then some. We treated the immediate problem with steriod shot and followed up with regular vet today to treat the secondary issues, also consistent with his diagnosis.

The ER did not try to pressure me into diagnostic testing, and were not judgemental when I declined testing because he had already very recently had lab work done. You have to realize that these people know no history of your pet and offer these services in order to better diagnose and treat your loved one. They may or not charge more than your regular vet, they are a hospital, no different than you walking into an ER where they know nothing about you and vice versa. But the pet cant talk to them so they do the best they can with an exam of what they see and hear. It’s not a scheme. They aren’t God, they can’t know how to care for your pet without tests to give them some direction. Unfortunately, it’s expensive. And sometimes we can’t afford all that. That’s not their fault and shouldnt be given bad reviews over it.

So far I have had 2 good experiences with this hospital and a terrible experience at a different one. I would recommend Dr Nilz.”

– Nikki M., Facebook

“Dr. Hunter and the staff was just Awesome! I took my baby there Sunday evening, he was spitting up blood; a sm 3 . 4 lb long hair chi 14yr. Old and they kept him there for two days and he is so bunch better. Sure it cost me. But what would you pay for someone you’ve loved for 14 years! Ty”

– Bonnie S., Google

“I came home from work last night and realized my sweet little dog, Wilson, was covered in bumps and large welts. He was acting really irritated and upset so my husband and I took him in and within 20 minutes he was treated and on his way back to normal! This morning you can’t even see signs of the affected areas and he is doing SO much better! He had an allergic reaction that made this fur momma very worried but the after hours animation hospital quickly and confidently addressed it! Thank you for taking care of my baby! ”

– Rachel K., Facebook

“Thanks so much. The Staff was good to us. All ways upfront with my bill but my dog was 1st. Fast to get him right back. All I can say thanks”

– Amber D., Google

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“Just had our pup examined here after he jumped from our vehicle. Staff were professional and very kind. Dr. Nilz was great with our pup. Offered a wide range of testing with pricing available upfront, but we agreed that a conservative approach would be appropriate at this time based on his good condition. Felt as though we were in good and capable hands with the staff there. Keep in mind this is an emergency department for pets, not a first come first serve necessarily as pets seen by acuity, not arrival time. That being said, we did not have to wait long at all this particular evening.”

– Jessie D., Facebook

“I called at 2:30 am, in the middle of holding back my anxiety. I spoke to such a sweet woman. She calmed me down and walked me through how to handle my situation. Told me how much benadryl to give my dog and when. But most importantly she had the heart and the kindness to stay with me the whole time I needed it. I wish I caught her name. Thank you.”

– Little T., Google

“I was totally overwhelmed when my newest member of the family Lady Monroe got sick. A family friend recommend this place and I couldn’t of been happier with their service! When I called to make sure they could see my Baby the woman who answered the phone Jackie I believe told me she definitely recommended that I came in and informed me of the process they go through! When I got there they got me straight into a room and looked at my baby! It wasn’t long after that I saw the Doctor! Dr.O’bryan was amazing and answered all my questions. Lady M was there the whole weekend and into the first of the week even though I missed my baby girl I have no doubt that the wonderful staff here saved her life! Thank you so much after hours!!! I hope I never have to come back but I’m happy to know that I can come to you guys!!! -one happy pup mommy!”

– Kendra J., Facebook

“Brought my cat in with breathing problems. The staff was very welcoming when we came in the door, and the assistants and technicians were very caring when they had to assess my cat. The veterinarian came in and discussed her concerns along with necessary diagnostic measures. I was able to express my concerns, and the veterinarian was very receptive of my input. My cat got the best care possible in an emergency, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the care he received here.”

– Ashley P., Google

“These people are great!! They are polite and professional in the worst possible circumstances. It was crazy when I went there on Sunday afternoon with my cat. All the people there with their pets were obviously stressed out, but the staff was calm and tried their best to get everyone in and out as quickly as possible, and be comforting along with it. They went over all the charges with me IN WRITING!! and I got the opportunity to pick out the things I wanted for my cat. They answered all of my questions — in detail– and worked with my budget to help me out as best they could. They gave me a copy of everything (including my xrays on a disc) and said they would fax it to my regular vet as well. Thank you so much Dr Hunter and everyone who helped me.”

– Anita W., Facebook

“The staff & vet I saw on June 5 were caring & professional & good at listening. Our boy cat Tarcoola had compacted anal glands. He is recovering excellently & is in high spirits again. Thanks!”

– Jesse & Kimmy R., Google